A jewel in the medina of Rabat.

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Historical residence of the Pasha of Rabat located at the entrance of the medina, the memory of the discreet life of a very ancient Rabat notable still lingers in this place.
Subtly rehabilitated by architect and decorator Chafiq Kabbaj into a luxurious boutique hotel with 8 rooms and suites, featuring a pool on a panoramic terrace, a traditional hammam, and a dining area, Euphoriad offers a serene and refined setting for a memorable stay in the heart of the imperial city. The most subtle Moroccan craftsmanship delicately coexists with elegant contemporary pieces, while the century-old architecture discreetly incorporates the best of modern comfort.


Located within the neighborhood of grand residences in the medina of Rabat, the diversity and richness of the spaces that make up « Dar Bargach », named after its original builder and occupant, constitute a distinguished model that reflects the lifestyle of notable families rabaties.

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Towards the end of a spacious dead-end street, beneath an ornate porch known as a « Saba », stands a grand door of impressive proportions. In this type of residence, the entrance serves as the primary element indicating the social status of its occupants. Transitioning from the outside to the inside is done through a transitional space called « The Stwan ». Extending across the entire width of the building, it is defined by a series of arched arcades and columns adorned with intricate stone decorations and delicate plasterwork known as "gebs," all topped by a meticulously carved wooden ceiling. This progression, from the street (derb) to the narrow alley (impasse), passing through the porch (saba), the door, and finally the Stwan, leads us to the heart of the house: the courtyard, a central and organized space that gives meaning to the surrounding areas. The patio, illuminated by fragments of sunlight and slivers of sky, is designed on two levels. It features stone arches and columns adorned with Arab-Andalusian style capitals known as « hasbia ». All these elements harmoniously blend, resulting in a complex and refined architectural composition.

In our endeavor to uphold the essence of this architectural style, we undertook a project to rehabilitate and renovate this building while meticulously preserving and restoring its previously mentioned distinctive elements that define its authentic character. All alterations and new additions were carried out in alignment with the same architectural language. However, we also introduced a range of modern amenities necessary for its new purpose, ensuring they seamlessly blend in a subtle and suitable manner.

Beyond safeguarding the structure and its historical significance, we firmly believe that such an undertaking will have a broader impact, particularly in revitalizing the surrounding urban fabric. It is through the collective effort of numerous projects of this kind that the medina, or even medinas in general, can rediscover their inherent worth and reclaim their influential role.


In 1979, Emilio Robba, a designer, florist, and sculptor, joined forces with his friends Jean-Pierre de Regaini and Mary Hardy, an American stylist, to establish the Emilio Robba company.
Collaborating with interior designers and architects, the company undertakes the decoration of various residential and commercial properties, including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and even retail locations under the brand name Emilio Robba.

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Their work extends across France, Europe, Morocco, the United States, and Japan. During the decoration of Marrakech's La Mamounia hotel in 1986, Emilio Robba crossed paths with Chafiq Kabbaj, a young Moroccan architect from Rabat. This meeting led to the creation of their first venture in Morocco called ROKAFLOR, specializing in floral decoration. Additionally, they partnered with Charles Jouffre, an experienced upholsterer from Lyon who had worked extensively in Morocco's grandest palaces. Together, they established Scène d'Intérieur in Rabat, a company specializing in high-end upholstery work.

In 2004, the partners made a significant decision to solidify their enduring friendship by purchasing and renovating an old Riad in Morocco. Chafiq Kabbaj, exploring the medina of Rabat, stumbled upon the former residence of Caïd Bargach, and the entire team was captivated by its charm, leading them to acquire it. While the Riad possessed an impressive soul and voluminous spaces, it wasn't entirely suitable for contemporary living. Chafiq Kabbaj, fueled by his passion for the city's history and the potential of old Riads in the medina, embarked on the task of envisioning how to adapt this historically rich building.

The renovation work proved to be a monumental endeavor, as each wall of a Riad is interconnected with its neighbors. Therefore, traditional demolition tools had to be avoided, and the renovation had to be approached delicately.

The entire house was consolidated by replacing the earthen floors with heated floors powered by solar heating and heat pumps. Uncovering the ground through several cellars was necessary to install the swimming pool on the terrace. The best craftsmen of Rabat were enlisted to enhance and preserve the beauty of the old materials, ensuring the soul of the house remained intact.

Throughout the years of renovation, Luc Hardy, an entrepreneur, explorer, and environmental activist, along with Xavier Lépine, a longtime friend of the Hardy family and former CEO of the investment group LA FRANCAISE, joined the group of associates in this remarkable adventure.

The expertise of Chafiq Kabbaj, along with the dedicated craftsmen and companies surrounding him, played an indispensable role in bringing Euphoriad to life. After eleven long years of contemplation, design, and hard work, Euphoriad finally opened its doors, representing a profound and enduring friendship spanning over three decades between Moroccans, Americans, and French individuals.


euphoriad-riad-hotel-hebergement-rabat-maroc-morocco-pool-piscine-Group 41

Mr. J. - Canada - Expedia

Mr. J. – Canada – Expedia

The service is simply impeccable. Arnauld, Omar, thank you for everything! The thoughtful gestures to fulfill requests demonstrate the hosts' desire to please, and it was greatly appreciated. And what can I say about the architecture and interior design of the establishment. While on a business visit to the capital, I found a haven of peace and happiness that exceeded my expectations, and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Mrs. A. - France - Booking.com

Mrs. A. – France – Booking.com

This Riad is a hidden gem in a small passageway, you wouldn’t expect to find such a place when you open the door. I never tired of admiring the architectural details, everything is done with taste. The rooms are beautiful, spacious and very very clean. The staff is attentive and caring. My only regret is that I could only book one night... But I will keep the address preciously. A dream place, thank you again.

Family S. - Brazil - Guestbook

Family S. – Brazil – Guestbook

The last two nights spent with family in Rabat in this splendid building were undoubtedly the highlight of our stay in Morocco. The most elegant establishment, the most refined cuisine, the most professional service, perfectly reflecting Rabat, a city full of surprises and unexpected beauty. Thank you to the entire team for your wonderful hospitality, we will definitely come back!

Madame G. - France - Trip Advisor

Mrs. G. – France – Trip Advisor

A thousand and one nights in Rabat!
When you push open the heavy door of Euphoriad after navigating through the alleyways of the medina... You enter a magical place... where the latest technologies blend with Moroccan art in its purest style... Everything exudes elegance... Each room and suite have a unique personality... with carefully curated objects from around the world... From the bedding to the dressing room to the bathroom... everything is luxury and comfort.

In the press

euphoriad-riad-hotel-hebergement-rabat-maroc-morocco-pool-piscine-Group 41

Renowned for its exquisite decor and meticulous attention to detail, Euphoriad is widely regarded as the most beautiful Riad in the capital. As a result, it frequently becomes the focal point of features and articles in specialized travel and interior design publications.